P1436 JEEP A/C Evaporator Air Temperature Circuit Low

P1436 JEEP A/C Evaporator Air Temperature Circuit Low

Possible causes
  • ACET circuit short to ground or SIG RTN.
  • Damaged ACET sensor.
  • Damaged PCM.
  • Tech description
    The PCM sources a low current 5 volts on the ACET circuit (this voltage can be measured with the sensor disconnected). As the A/C evaporator air temperature changes, the ACET circuit resistance to SIG RTN (ground) changes (which changes the voltage the PCM detects). When the ACET signal is detected below the self-test minimum, check for shorts to the SIG RTN or ground, which would pull the voltage low.
    Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
    P1436 JEEP Description

    Indicates the ACET signal input was less than the self-test minimum. The self-test minimum is 0.13 volts.

    JEEP Vehicle:JEEP Commander,JEEP Compass,JEEP Grand Cherokee,JEEP Liberty,JEEP Patriot,JEEP Wrangler,JEEP Wrangler Unlimited,

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