P2187 Audi System Too Lean At Idle Bank 1

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P2187 Audi System Too Lean At Idle Bank 1

Possible causes
- Leaking fuel injector or pressure regulator
- High fuel pressure condition
- Faulty front HO2S
- Leak in exhaust system
- MAF sensor faulty
- Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
P2187 Audi Description

In order to provide the best possible combination of drivability, fuel economy and emission control, the PCM uses a closed loop air/fuel metering system. The PCM monitors the HO2S signal voltage and adjusts fuel delivery based it in closed loop fuel control. Changes in fuel delivery will be indicated by the long-term and the short-term fuel trim values. The ideal fuel trim value is around 0%. The PCM will add fuel when the HO2S signal is indicating a lean condition. Additional fuel is indicated by fuel trim values that are above 0%. The PCM will reduce fuel when the HO2S signal is indicating a rich condition. Reduction in fuel is indicated by fuel trim values that are below 0%. The DTC relevant to fuel trim will be set when the amount reaches excessive levels because of a lean or rich condition.

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