How to install Renault CAN Clip Renault OBD-II Car Diagnostic Tool?

Renault CAN Clip Communicate Interface is multiple languages. Renault OBD auto diagnostic tool Can support many function.

Super CAN Clip v129 Can clip scanner Clip for renault car

Before installing auto diagnostic obd share you please do the following steps:

Renault CAN Clip Multilanguage

1. Uninstall previous version of Renault CAN-Clip if you have

2. IF your 1st installation: Run Crack.reg

After installation finish & you will reboot, you will get SPX Registration….

To avoid PERMANENTLY this, do the following steps:

1. Alt+Ctrl+Del (Kill process RSRWin.exe)

2. Delete RSRWin.exe (in C:Windows)

3. Use Regedit (and Delete “ALL” values with name RSRWin)

4. Reboot your machine!!!

5. NO MORE flash for SPX Registration…

Before your 1st Running with the program make those steps:

You NEED to have 1 Renault Car (and ALWAYS Renault clip running-working)

when you have Renault Car!!!

  • 1. Connect your Clip Sonde Can Interface 1st in your Car (OBD Slot)
  • 2. Turn Ignition ON (NOT Engine running)
  • 3. Connect your Clip Sonde Can Interface via USB cable with your computer
  • 4. Start to installing ALL the Drivers (that they will be appearing) and
  • you can find those in: C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers or from this DVD
  • in the folder “CAN-Clip Drivers”.
  • 5. You must INSTALL 4 Drivers (4 TIMES the same thing)

After you finish, you can RUN now finally your CAN-Clip Software……