P1260 JEEP Last Test Failed Failed SCC ENTER

P1260 JEEP Last Test Failed Failed SCC ENTER

Possible causes
  • Previous theft condition.
  • Anti-theft system failure
  • Tech description
    Theft indicator flashing rapidly or on solid when ignition switch is in the ON position. Check anti-theft system for DTCs. Typical vehicle symptoms are: start/stall or crank/no start. NOTE: No crank symptom only on vehicles equipped with PATS starter disable feature.
    – Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
    P1260 JEEP Description

    Indicates the passive anti-theft system (PATS) determined a theft condition existed and the engine is disabled. This DTC is a good indicator to check the PATS for DTCs.

    JEEP Vehicle:JEEP Commander,JEEP Compass,JEEP Grand Cherokee,JEEP Liberty,JEEP Patriot,JEEP Wrangler,JEEP Wrangler Unlimited,

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