P2645 Volkswagen Oil Control Valve for Variable Valve Timing and Lift

P2645 Volkswagen Oil Control Valve for Variable Valve Timing and Lift

Possible causes
– Open or short circuit condition
– Failed oil pressure switch
– Failed oil control valve for VVTL
P2645 Volkswagen Description

In order to improve engine performance at low and high speed, the Variable Valve Timing and Lift – intelligent (VVTL-i) system varies the lift of the the intake and exhaust valves using standard (low and mid speeds) cam and high lift (high speed) cam. This delivers high engine performance without affecting fuel economy or emission performance. When the engine speed reaches 6,000 RPMS, the Engine Control Module (ECM) signals the Oil Control Valve (OCV) for VVTL-i to switch from the standard cam to the high lift cam, using hydraulic (engine oil) pressure. At high engine speeds the ECM stimulates the OCV to apply hydraulic pressure to the piston located in the rocker arm, and switches the rocker arm by locking the slipper.

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