What is Circuit?

The term circuit refers to a closed system, whether electric, fluid, or hydraulic, that brings energy or fluid from one part of a car and delivers it to another.

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  1. I have a jeep wrangler 2006, and my engine light turned on with a code PO573-brake switch A circuit high.
    What do I need done to resolve this?

    Please advise.


  2. Have the P202B reductant tank heater control signal low code keep coming up, everything has been changed including heater still everytime I fill tank with diesel code comes back after 40 kilometers. Nothing left to change except gas cap??

  3. Dear all,
    the Hyundai Servce can’t help my car. Maybe you can …
    I have a Hyundai Santa Fe 2,00 Crdi and got the P0401 P0103 P0101 Hyundai. the engine light is on and – if weather is dry and warm – the engine stalls at 3.200 rpm. If it is cold and wet the engine runs very good and the engine light is out.
    Thx very much for your help, lisa

  4. Hello Carobdcode ,
    My 2006 R350 MB developed a P0025 code after jump starting another vehicle. Now my battery power drains out during any extended shut down time. I must get a jump to restart and then let the engine run at least an hour to fully recharge the system. How do I resolve this issue? My motor oil is clean. How do I check my VVT and OCV circuits on this vehicle?

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